A Culture of Apprenticeship:

We value gathering together to be encouraged, challenged and equipped as followers of Jesus.

A Culture of Relationship:

We value sharing the table and lives with one another building a culture of love. (relationships built on forgiveness, authenticity, celebration and trust)

A Culture of Peacemaking

We value working and partnering in our communities and abroad to bring the peace and reconciliation of Jesus to our world.

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A Culture of Outreach:

We value incarnational living – reaching out to our neighbours and neighbourhoods with the message of Jesus in innovative and creative ways.

A Culture of Generosity:

We value living simpler lives, making space to live generously – giving of our time, talents, finances.

A Culture of Diversity: Recognizing that all people are created in the image of God, we want to be a church where all people can find a place to belong.

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A Culture of Multiplication: